About us

As a child, Audie Cashion played ninja and samurai rather than cowboys and indians. His love of Asian culture and history led him to Japan on the Friendship Force when he was 20 which proved his love for the Japanese. After visiting the Gembaku Dome (the Peace Dome in Hiroshima at the epicenter of where the atomic bomb was released) and seeing the horrors of war juxtaposed to his love for the Japanese people, he purposed to help create a bridge for peace and understanding through trade.

After owning an export company based in Dubai, Audie started a successful boutique real estate brokerage firm and the World Peace Center; however, in 2008 he lost 87% of their families income due to the economy.

The battle was to save their home and survive financially, with foreclosure and bankruptcy not being an option. As a result, Audie and his wife, Lillie, were able to save their home with a HAMP modification in 2008, pay off $294,000 of debt and become completely debt-free.

The World Peace Center helps you find and implement your purpose in life to experience ultimate Freedom and Peace.

audies family