Find Your Super Powers in Your Passions…

So how do you find what you are passionate about to live a life of purpose at peace?

How about starting off by answering the following three questions with the first five things that come to mind:

  1. What I’m good at?
  2. What I love to do?
  3. What others will pay me for?

Now find the intersection of where those answers align to show you 2 – 3 of your superpowers!

So for example in my life, when I was employed as a manager at financial institutions, I realized I was good at being a strength-based leader by involving others as members of our team. Therefore they would share their best ideas and stretch to perform at their highest levels. As a result, the teams I lead would consistently be #1 in the rankings.

And I love to share my story to encourage others about the ups and downs of finding my passion and purpose. I feel by sharing authentically about what I did well and where I had learning experiences, they are encouraged to pursue their dreams and goals and not give up.

So upon reflection, I learned that two of my superpowers are strengths-based leadership and authenticity which helps to model and encourage others to find and live out their dreams and goals. That is why I am jazzed everyday to fight for your highest possible good as your trainer and coach!

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