Create your Perfect Day! Here’s what mine looks like…

So this is my Perfect Day (with 3 months off to travel every year):

4:30 Egoscue

5:00 F3 Workout, tennis or mountain bike ride

6:30 Intimacy with Jesus and read Word in a really cool place (Fallingwater, mountains, ocean)

7:00 Shower and Dress

7:30 breakfast with my girls and/or close friends: protein smoothie, fresh fruit w yogurt

9:00 Complete My ONE Thing: Lead Generation and/or working on the business in home office

1:00 yummy lunch with prospect or friend

2:30 training, 1:1 meeting/coaching, speaking, or working on the business

4:00 Strategic Planning or Implementation

5:30 Dinner with family

7:00 Play with girls/family time

7:45 Girls down

8:00 Deep connection and intimacy with Lillie

9:00 In bed and meditation for a deep, healthful sleep

See Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1. #10DBC #freedomplan

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