What kept me from living my Passion & Purpose?

Hey Peace Makers,

Since I was 15, I knew empowering others and business as a mission to peace was what jazzed me. And granted I’ve had some unique successes having founded several international companies, done business in 40 different countries and lived in the Far and Middle East. However, although my mission and goals were pretty clear at an early age, I had not performed at the level I knew I was capable.

What held me back? Two things!

(1) I did what came naturally, yet when I hit a ceiling of achievement, I would try something else. The solution I implemented was to do what did not come naturally. That is to research and find role models who have accomplished what I wanted and to put myself under their coaching and accountability.

(2) In the past, I would lose focus chasing many good ideas toward my peace mission and goals, yet I had my hand in a lot of different areas. Now we have the World Peace Center’s Vivid Vision crystal clear so we know what we must do every day to get there. I have a deep inner sense that with my Creator all things are possible–even World Peace!

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