Find your Purpose by looking to your past…

In light of today’s 15th anniversary of 9/11, I do not have words for the grief I share for those who lost loved ones in this tragedy. However, maybe a slice of my history will help you better understand the “why” of the World Peace Center’s existence.

Looking back at my past, I felt most alive when I connected deeply with others unlike me. I loved to celebrate where we were alike and had a reverence for the differences.

One experience was my first trip to Japan in college because of a childhood fascination with the samurai and ninja. At that time, I saw the Hiroshima museum depicting the horrors of war. It was such a disconnect to me, since I was living with a Japanese family and, although we were separated by language, I experienced their and other Japanese people’s love for me.

This revealed my life’s purpose to use business as a mission to create world peace and understanding.

As a result that same year in college, I started an export company to Japan which ultimately lead me to open my business in and relocate to Dubai, UAE.

It was not until much later in life that I realized my drive to create world peace was really about my own lack of personal peace, and that’s when I came to a place of surrender.

So the World Peace Center’s mission is to help other individuals who have been striving to find and live out their passion and purpose leading them to ultimate peace.

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